I would say we’re bringing about a revolution in the industry. TNS is the place to work if you want to challenge clients about how qualitative research is practiced today.

Anjali, Global Head, TNS Qualitative

At TNS Qualitative, our mission is to put inspired, insightful intelligence into research and to surprise our clients with new ways of looking at their business. This means our qualitative researchers focus on understanding people precisely, as individuals, not just as ‘consumers’. We use a combination of traditional and leading-edge qualitative techniques to help clients understand human behaviour and emotion where it matters to their business.

Our qualitative teams operate in more than 60 countries and we are proud of a well-connected qualitative community sharing knowledge, best practice and new thinking. Our researchers have diverse backgrounds, specialisms and passions: these range from psychology to cultural anthropology, behavioural economics, linguistics, semiotics, philosophy, as well as branding and marketing. We have a number of world-class practitioners who are acknowledged for their transformative, award-winning contributions to qualitative research.

If you are interested in being exposed to a wide variety of clients and business issues, and want to develop your qualitative research career, TNS Qualitative may be the right place for you. Our new, first-of-a kind Qualitative Development and Accreditation Framework means that our researchers have a clear development path, so you can ensure you learn the skills essential to deliver a high standard of work to our clients.