TNS offers you a full range of services in the areas of market research, media research and opinion polling.


  • We listen to your problems
  • We provide insights for understanding what drives your market
  • We identify opportunities for improving your business


  • Some examples of the questions we've answered for clients

    In the field of brand equity:

    • Does this product fit with the brand?
    • What is the value of the brand?
    • Has the brand a potential for growth?
    • Can I attract more traffic to our shops by offering this brand?
    • Do I have to invest in promotions rather than advertising?
    • Why do customers buy this brand?


    In the field of customer satisfaction & loyalty:

    • Why do I loose clients?
    • Are you my competitors' clients really satisfied?
    • What can I offer to win over my competitors' clients?
    • What are the readers interested in?
    • What are they reading?


    In the field of advertising efficiency:

    • Did they understand the message?
    • Did I use the appropriate media for reaching my target group?
    • What was the impact of the advertising on purchasing behaviour?


    In the field of business development:

    • Can I open a new store?
    • What happens if I raise this product's price by 20%?