Pioneers in market data collection and analysis

  • Our Expertise

    We specialise in local and global marketing research. 35 full-time operational staff provide support and expertise over a wide range of business research areas, from new product development to communication effectiveness, brand positioning, stakeholder management and more.
  • Our Industry Sector focus

    We work in and across the following business sectors: FMCG, Automotive, Finance, Technology, Healthcare, Political and Social, as well as Tourism and Leisure.
  • Insight services and solutions

    To provide our clients with actionable insights, TNS Dimarso uses workshops, quantitative and qualitative research techniques and a range of TNS global brands.

    In terms of data gathering, we have 350 face-to-face interviewers, 500 CATI-interviewers and an extensive, high-quality, access panels for self-completion questionnaires through mail or web.

  • Why choose TNS

    In this world of unprecedented competition, no-one has a market to himself.

    TNS Dimarso is not the only market research company you could turn to.

    But we're known in offering a full service based on proven expertise with innovative tools and techniques.

    And we believe we are unique in the commitment we bring to clients.

    TNS researchers make the difference - mixing marketing science with the passion and vision needed to make your products stand out from the crowd.