• How we work

    At TNS we focus above all on human beings in their different roles: as citizen, reader, current customer, ex-customer, prospective customer… People are fundamental to any business. Understanding your business means understanding their needs, their wishes, their expectations, their opinions, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour.

    TNS Dimarso offers you business solutions and opportunities drawing on the extensive experience, knowledge and expertise of highly accomplished researchers.

    Your partnership with TNS Dimarso begins with a free-of-charge critical analysis of your problem: asking the right questions at the right places.

    Based on this detailed analysis, a tailor-made proposal - indicating the proposed method, timing and necessary budget - will be submitted for your assessment.

    Once we've received your approval, all the relevant data can be collected, processed and analysed. Using innovative tools and techniques with an outstanding record of success, TNS researchers will turn this information into insights and understanding of your market, and the best way to conquer it.

    These insights are not dictated to you. They are submitted for your questions and criticisms, turning them into guidelines for solutions uniquely customized to your strengths.