Decoding customer relationships



Strong customer relationships are essential for growth – yet in today’s competitive, digital age it is harder than ever for companies to secure and grow their customer base.

TRI*M Customer Relationship Assessment recognises the complexity of the modern world, the uniqueness of individual customers and the increased threat of competition. It unlocks the insights needed to help clients identify and deliver the ‘optimal’ customer experience – understanding the balance between customers’ needs and what delivers a business profitable growth.

It provides strategic insights to help clients identify what really matters to customers, optimise services and processes and deliver the optimal customer experience.


Why simply the best isn’t always right

Get smarter about the experiences that matter to customers to improve return on the bottom line.

    Customer Code webcast recording

    Find out how to unravel the complexity of customer relationships and unlock your Customer Code.

      Customers defect to competition even when companies perform well

      More than half of customers are likely to switch brand when a product needs updating or contract expires.