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Let’s talk Think Tank!


There is so much around us that we would like to understand, grab and experience… We would like to dive deeper and deeper into the peoples live. Whilst traditional qualitative research gives us instant and direct feedback, ThinkTank gives access to the real human voice, in the moment, anytime and anywhere.

What is Think Tank

ThinkTank is a research community with a new approach to research that helps us to go deeper under the skin of people, to capture life in the moment and to express ideas and thoughts more intuitively and creatively. It’s a highly flexible and versatile online platform of creative, articulate & engaged people. Through great questions, interaction and analysis we are able to provide our clients with a fresh point of view.

Success factors of Think Tank

Each ThinkTank consists of 3 modules, which allow for instant response, conversation, creativity and observation.

  • Rapid Response: One-to-one interaction with participants, in a fast turnaround mode (sometimes within 24 hours).
  • Conversation: ThinkTank People debate on specific topics or concepts during a couple of days. Participants build on each others’ responses.
  • Around You: Creative assignments that help us understand the lives of ThinkTank participants and gain deeper insights in the world around them.


Our unique, bespoke approach to communities is based on the ‘to the point’ principle; we engage with fewer but more relevant participants who provide more focused and meaningful input; we ask fewer but more pertinent questions.

This solution is delivered in close collaboration with TNS Nipo and TNS global.