Building stakeholder relationships for growth

Successful and growing companies understand and influence the relationships they have with all their relevant stakeholders - from customers and employees to business partners, influencers and the general public.

TNS Stakeholder Management
TNS is the world’s leading agency for stakeholder management research with the industry`s largest benchmarking database. Through our network of over 400 experts in more than 80 countries, we measure, manage and monitor each of your business’ key relationships individually, providing clear, tailored and actionable recommendations that support management needs.

Our range of TRI*M solutions is used by over half of Fortune Top 100 companies and has proven success impacting key metrics such as customer value, revenue and churn and driving growth for our clients.

Explore our Stakeholder Management growth tools below.

  • TRI*M Customer Experience - Building a customer-centric growth strategy

    Customers are the foundation of business growth and a company's most critical asset. Loyal customers spend more, more often, and act as compelling advocates for your business and brand. And retaining existing customers is typically more cost-effective than recruiting new customers to replace them.

    All of which means that nurturing customer relationships and realising their potential for business growth is critical.

    TRI*M Customer Experience is our world-leading solution. It pinpoints the changes that will have most direct impact on customer retention and growth, and provides a powerful indicator of long-term business success in the form of the TRI*M Index. We link our key metrics to external business measures to ensure that they drive growth and provide return on investment, and our extensive database of over 16,300 studies provides a wealth of information to give context to our results.

  • RAP touchpoint management - Building and executing a customer-centric growth strategy

    Successful customer experience management programmes help companies drive growth by providing strategic direction to build profitable customer relationships and precise guidance to ensure customer needs are met consistently over time.

    At TNS we provide the big picture and the detail needed to drive customer-centric growth. TRI*M Customer Experience informs strategic direction and RAP touchpoint management, our end-to-end customer feedback and reporting platform, monitors the experiences that matter most to customers.

    RAP allows our clients to track important touchpoints systematically, bringing insights and information about delivery performance and satisfaction directly to the relevant people in a company, as it happens. Our customised delivery portals and dashboards integrate other relevant information sources and use the latest text mining and social media analytics to provide our clients with the information they need, when they need it.

  • TRI*M High Performance Organisation (HiPO) - Creating a high performance organisation

    Employees are essential in building strong and enduring customer relationships and delivering brand promise.

    At TNS we know that truly high-performing organisations go beyond employee satisfaction to achieve excellence in four core areas: they have truly engaged employees, strong leadership, staff that are aligned with the company’s goals, and strategy and organisational efficiency. Success in all of these areas is a key growth enabler.

    TRI*M High Performance Organisation provides a comprehensive framework identifying a company’s strengths, opportunities and priority improvement areas. And it provides meaningful key performance indicators to monitor future success.

  • TRI*M Corporate Reputation - Building a company's key intangible asset

    A strong corporate reputation is essential to protect and grow your business. An excellent corporate reputation attracts customers, employees, investors and business partners, and encourages support from influencers and other key stakeholders.

    TRI*M Corporate Reputation measures, manages and monitors corporate reputation across all relevant stakeholder groups with an unmatched ability to link results to published opinion online and offline. It provides actionable recommendations and precise guidance on how to manage reputation to achieve and sustain growth.

    By providing stakeholder-specific benchmarks, understanding expectations and identifying the drivers of corporate reputation, our approach enables companies to overcome reputation risks, leverage key strengths and define effective corporate behaviour and communication strategies for each audience.

  • TRI*M Product Experience - Delivering on your brand promise

    Successful companies have products that deliver what they promise. They meet or exceed customer expectations by ensuring that experience aligns with the key benefits that they communicate.

    TRI*M Product Experience delivers a precise understanding of customers’ usage experience and how it delivers against expectations for your products and services.

    By measuring experience around key elements of the marketing mix (e.g. product features, promotion, price, place, packaging), we reveal which has the most impact on overall satisfaction, and where consumers see particular strengths and weaknesses. The understanding we deliver provides clear insights and precise plans to optimise products and focus marketing more effectively to drive growth through repeat purchase and loyalty.