Inspiring growth

At TNS Qualitative, we really care about the value that good qualitative research can bring to your business, and how it can make the difference between standing still and inspiring growth.

Your marketplace today probably looks more fragmented than ever. And you know that greater connectivity alone doesn't equal greater understanding. Although we are able to contact more people more easily than ever, as unique individuals, consumers remain just as elusive and unpredictable as before.

There is plenty of data but the question ‘why’ remains. Why do people, citizens, consumers do what they do? What explains their behavior? How can we influence it?

In society people assume different roles all the time. Human needs and motivations are not unequivocal. That is why we need to understand the role of context and to approach people as individuals in their multiple contexts and identities, not just as consumers.

At TNS qualitative, we put context at the heart of our qualitative approaches and with our multiple methods our practitioners design the appropriate research approach to give you the insight you need to take the right decisions.



How can we help to understand your customers ?

Our multi-method behaviour-focused approches – our tools

Shaping real human behaviour to drive brand performance.

Our proven innovation and ideation process

Combining rigour and creativity to inspire high potential growth ideas.

Our technology enabled research

Engaging with consumers anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

Our activation workshops

Translating insights into actions.