Powering innovation-led growth

New products and services are the lifeblood of successful businesses – and yet over 80 percent of new products fail. Even successful launches do not always result in top-line growth.

TNS Innovation & Product Development

At TNS we understand that the incremental potential of an idea is what matters most. Cannibalisation destroys value and is a particular risk for line extensions, the most frequent form of product launch. Our individual-based models challenge traditional, aggregate approaches to help our clients understand the true incremental impact of a new product or service. We also believe it is essential to take the guesswork out of the front end of the innovation process by identifying and prioritising the right opportunities before ideation to find high potential growth ideas and increase speed to market.

Explore our Innovation & Product Development growth tools below

  • Matrix – Pinpointing opportunities for growth

    Matrix takes the guesswork out of the most crucial and difficult stage of the innovation process: the front end. Through Matrix our clients get a complete view of their target market, identifying and sizing incremental growth opportunities and providing a clear roadmap for action.

    Unlike generalised, ad-hoc approaches to market understanding, Matrix systematically searches the places where opportunities hide to uncover sources of future growth. For each high priority opportunity, we deliver a granular understanding of the key success factors, and a precise guide for next steps in the development process. Matrix is an equally powerful tool for both product renovation and innovation.

    Employing Matrix at the beginning of the innovation process has helped our clients improve success rates up to six and a half times industry norms.

  • Concept eValuate – Identifying winning ideas

    Concept screening is one of the most critical stages of the innovation process – a trigger for major investment in R&D, product and packaging and an all-too-frequent source of expensive mistakes.

    Traditional concept screening tends to simply prioritise ideas with the biggest appeal – ideas that are often highly cannibalistic and add little to top-line growth. A fuller understanding of the true, incremental opportunity is vital for guiding investment towards true winning ideas.

    Understanding incrementality is the core principle underpinning Concept eValuate’s individual-based modelling. Data proves that this technique significantly improves the accuracy of in-market growth predictions, even at the early stages of the innovation process. Our extensive early adopter database leverages the perspective of future-oriented consumers to highlight genuinely breakthrough concepts, and our pinpoint diagnostics help both to identify and improve genuinely winning ideas.

  • Product eValuate - Crafting products for launch success

    Product eValuate is a concept-product test which uses robust performance measures to determine how well a product fits with the expectations set by its concept, and importantly, how it can be improved to maximise growth opportunities. As such, it has a vital role to play in ensuring a strong repeat purchasing rate, one of the most critical factors in the long-term success of any new product or service.

    As with all our innovation tools, Product eValuate’s sales forecasting is based on individual modelling, which provides an absolute and incremental assessment of potential. We use our pinpoint analysis to identify the product improvements that will satisfy customers and ensure sustainable long-term growth from launch.

  • Launch eValuate – Optimising launch success

    In today’s world of fragmented media, viral marketing and exploding consumer choice, even successful launches do not always result in top-line growth. Given the high failure rates, a fresh approach to launch evaluation is required –one that accounts for word of mouth, digital media, the in-store environment and one which understands the source of new product sales.

    At TNS we know that big top-line numbers are not always best. Success must be measured in terms of how much incremental volume a new product adds. Looking beyond averages and the traditional, aggregate approach to modelling is crucial to achieving this.

    Our individual-based modelling provides a unique understanding of the source of new product sales, adjusting for cannibalisation and predicting true, incremental growth. Launch eValuate is proven to double the accuracy of source of volume estimates, providing a more robust basis for business planning.