Galileo is a media planning and media analysis system, which is used predominantly for print data. It is designed for media providers, advertising agencies and media independents.

Galileo works with reachfigures on the respondent level. In Belgium we load the CIM PMP and the Executives Survey.
Because we work on the respondent level, it is possible to do any type of analysis on any targetgroup. 

  • The main advantages of the system are

    • All stages of the media planning process can be carried out with 1 tool
    • Full integration of 11 different activities
    • Layout templates allow to format all output with one click
    • Templates make it possible for all users to work the same way and generate output in the same way
    • Can handle the largest databases and processes data in second
    • Windows based and easy-to-use Very easy networkinstallation
    • Possibilities for advanced analysis (clusteranalysis, segmentation, ...)