Kantar TNS’s unique understanding of the technology ecosystem provides clients with powerful insights on the real impact of innovation.

Our incremental approach to product development helps to identify the breakthrough products and solutions that will deliver the greatest value to a business’s bottom line. We can identify which potentially disruptive technologies will make it into the mainstream – and what threats and opportunities they will create when they get there. Through Connected Life, our global study of technology and consumer lives, we offer market-by-market insight on the key trends shaping the technology landscape.

How we’ve helped our clients

Fight churn through customer centricity

Customer Strategies, TRI*M, Technology

The issue

A leader in telecommunications network equipment and services in Germany was losing revenue and customers from an important B2B segment. The business had limited budget to address the issue, putting its growth strategy at risk.

Our approach

A TRI*M survey assessed key drivers for relationship strength. Mirror analysis compared customers’ service experience with employees’ perception of their performance.

The insights

Customer retention levels were low - much lower than the competition and among the bottom third of the TRI*M database. Results showed an urgent need to clarify the responsibilities of sales and project management. Employees overestimated their performance and underestimated the need to deliver better customer service.

The impact

Delivery improvements at key customer touchpoints generated an estimated value to the business of over €35 million through significant churn reduction, increased average spend and customer advocacy.

Identifying barriers to growth

ConversionModel, Brand & Communication, Technology

The challenge

An initially successful new mobile operator was struggling to increase its market share beyond 2-3%, and battling low retention rates.

Our approach

We used ConversionModel to explore the brand’s competitive strengths and weaknesses in different regions, and reveal the market dynamics influencing brand choice, retention and conversion.

The insight

Weak network signals and late delivery of SMS messages were a barrier to brand loyalty and acquisition. Only those who were very young, and prepared to compromise quality in search of low prices, tended to remain loyal to the brand.


Our client’s market share doubled, and retention rates increased by 50%.