TNS Dimarso has a long standing track record and a solid reputation in political opinion research. The ‘Politieke Barometer’ , which was launched in 2002 on behalf of the public broadcaster VRT and the quality newspaper De Standaard , has become the reference in the Flemish political landscape, trusted by both the political and academic world, for its accurate polling of voting intentions. Our own extensive ‘post-electoral surveys’ , set up after each nationwide election, rival with the ones organised by political scientists (for which TNS often conducts the fieldwork) in trying to understand the motivations behind the voting behaviour. Our international ‘triple C’ team has a leading role in the co-ordination of the fieldwork for TNS Opinion’s Eurobarometers on behalf of the EU.

Evaluating the potential of certain candidates or political parties, in depth research into the image and reputation of political ‘brands’, measuring the strength of their communication and electoral campaigns and assessing the impact of media channels are topics TNS is highly specialized in. Using many of TNS’s branded solutions, such as Conversion Model, Needscope, ThinkTank or Semiometrie add originality and profound insight to the analysis. By tracking political sound-bytes through social listening we help our clients to find their way into the digital age.

Our main clients are political parties and governements, media and universities, but we also conduct opinion research for a large number of NGO’s , social movements, and non-for-profit organisations.