The aim of much government policy and many NGO programs is to change peoples’ behaviour. There is increasing recognition that to achieve success we need to understand as much as we can about how to influence human behaviour, and apply that to the design of policies and programs.

For this purpose, TNS Political & Social established the Behaviour Change Institute – comprising senior TNS researchers and leading international academics. The Institute has applied the latest thinking in the behavioural sciences and behavioural economics to develop an industry-leading framework to guide our research in this area.

The TNS Behaviour Change Framework offers the following advantages:

  • Simple and pragmatic – easy to understand and apply, works in the real world
  • Robust – solidly grounded in the very latest thinking in behavioural theory and behavioural economics
  • Comprehensive – the TNS Behaviour Web ensures that nothing is missed, and that the research process ‘covers all bases’

National governments and major NGOs around the world use the TNS behaviour change framework to help them plan, implement, and evaluate behaviour change and social marketing programs.