Partnering with some of the world’s best qualitative practitioners

Our researchers have diverse backgrounds, specialisms and passions, ranging from psychology to cultural anthropology, behavioural economics, linguistics, semiotics, philosophy as well as brands and marketing expertise.

By choosing to partner with TNS Qualitative, you will work with a global pool of senior qualitative experts. This team includes leading industry thinkers widely published in marketing journals and beyond, and acknowledged for their transformative, award-winning contributions to qualitative research.

We are on a mission to revive the value of individual skills and expertise in qualitative research. The TNS Qualitative Development & Accreditation framework is a newly introduced, first of a kind initiative in the industry, to make explicit the skills we think are essential to deliver work to the highest standards.

Activation Workshops

Run by our senior qualitative practitioners, our Activation Workshops are interactive, full-day sessions designed to bring research insights to life and deliver tangible action plans that meet your strategic objectives.

Come and work for TNS Qualitative

Being a qualitative researcher at TNS means being part of a talented, energetic and close-knit community working with the world’s biggest and best brands. If you are looking to grow and stretch your talents, we would love to hear from you.

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