Developing strategies that resonate with your target markets

The business environment has become more global and multi-cultural, and you might be asked to stretch into environments and cultures you don’t always intuitively understand. Many taken-for-granted assumptions are being challenged, and a sound appreciation of these new contexts is essential for your business to deliver what it needs to.

As the world’s largest qualitative agency, we have built up a body of cross-cultural insight, and promise to challenge and stimulate your thinking. Call us in for a conversation on how common universal ideas translate across cultures – what beauty, masculinity, status, achievement, motherhood or heroism mean in China, India, Indonesia, France, Germany, Nigeria or Saudi Arabia – and what this means for your brands.

This understanding informs our analyses whenever we work with you on issues related to brand positioning and communication, whether in multi-country projects or in individual markets.

The Ideal Man

The Ideal Man framework provides deep understanding of cultural differences to help you tailor your brand promise to local values, beliefs, attitudes and needs.


NeedScope is a unique brand planning system to help develop and manage irresistible brands. Using proprietary models, NeedScope uncovers the drivers of irresistibility in brands, and adds value throughout the marketing process.

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