Optimising launch success

Today’s fragmented marketing environment presents many new challenges to sales forecasting. The high failure rate for innovation suggests the old methods aren’t up to the task.

A fresh approach to launch evaluation is required to take account of all the touchpoints that influence consumer decision-making, including word of mouth, digital media and the in-store environment. Launch eValuate provides the solution.

Because innovation success should be measured in terms of growth, we use individual modelling to double the accuracy of source of volume estimates. This helps avoid the trap of launching a ‘cannibal’ which delivers volume, but not the desired growth.


Questions that Launch eValuate can answer

  • Does the growth potential merit investing in the launch?
  • How can I optimise the launch plan to maximise ROI?
  • Which retailers offer the strongest fit for my launch?

Key benefits of using Launch eValuate 

  • Individual modelling provides a more accurate estimate of sales growth
  • Designed to forecast launches with limited above-the-line spend by modelling specific impact of awareness created in-store
  • More actionable launch planning advice on how to reach target consumers
  • Modules to measure the long term impact of promotions and word of mouth more accurately

Launch eValuate is one of our Innovation & Product Development research tools