Crafting insights from consumer learnings

Insightment uses a variety of advanced qualitative techniques to explore the strategic territories where growth opportunities lie.

Focusing on the areas identified through Matrix (or other exploratory research), it immerses your team in the contextual reality of consumer experience and decision-making through a full-day workshop. We draw out the unmet needs and tensions that your brand can address, revealing rich, resonant insights to inspire your innovation strategy.

The observations are translated into clear, actionable insights that ensure your innovation is rooted in a genuine growth territory.


Questions that Insightment can answer

  • Having identified an opportunity for innovation, how do I get a deeper understanding of what my target audience is looking for?
  • Are there unmet needs and tensions my brand could be addressing?
  • How can I bring together different sources of information to develop richer insights?

Key benefits of using Insightment

  • A unique combination of qualitative research skills and creative thinking to get the most out of any project
  • A tailor-made research programme to bring new understanding and inspiration for each project
  • A range of qualitative context-based techniques help you craft insights to power genuine growth

Insightment is one of our Innovation & Product Development and Qualitative research tools