Assemble, align and activate

Taking decisions and translating them into feasible actions seems to have become a growing challenge in present-day business. Particularly where strategic issues are concerned, and when topics involve multiple stakeholders.

In a TNS Activation Workshop we guide your team to work on complex issues towards a shared solution. Our highly experienced moderators create a fully interactive and tailor made approach, using creative problem-solving and lateral-thinking techniques, resulting in clear-cut action plans that deliver against your key strategic business objectives.

Our expert facilitators take and safeguard an objective point of view. They catalyze your team to internalise findings, prioritise insights, and formulate action plans, in this way driving change in both short and long term: A stronger team ready to take well thought through action.

Questions that Activation Workshops can answer

  • How do I make insights tangible and actionable for the broader team?
  • How do I resolve the current impasse around a strategic issue and speed up decision making?
  • How do I bring insights to life in a way that is tangible for the broader team?
  • How do I distill a large and complex piece of research into a few intuitive and practical actions?

Key benefits of using TNS Activation Workshops

  • Bringing together the knowledge of all relevant stakeholders (in-/external)
  • To create consensus and resolution on complex issues
  • Actionable results in a decreased time cycle

We realize this by taking the role of objective, knowledgeable partner. Our moderators are experts in using creative techniques in a close working environment.

Activation Workshops can be applied to most business issues, and any of your research projects or other insights.

How does an Activation Workshop work?

In a briefing meeting we jointly define the scope of the workshop and decide on participants (in-/outside the company). These may include: management, research, marketing, sales, agencies (communication, media, etc), product development,…

The workshop will be planned as a one or two day session, depending on complexity. A series of half-day workshops is also possible

The exact contents and build-up of a workshop depends on the specific challenge and objective. In general we identify 4 elements:

  1. Get in the shoes of the target group (if possible in a projective way): describe the target group (personification) and define the most important moments of truth related to the business of the client.
  2. Define your strenghts (not weaknesses) of competitors through the eyes of your target group.
  3. Analysis of the key challenge (e.g. marketing actions) through the eyes of the target group and associated with the moments of truth and the defined strengths of the client.
  4. Determine what actions should be developed in the future (more/less/stop) , prioritize and allocate ownership.

Each Activation Workshop will be summarized and debriefed by the workshop moderator.

Activation Workshops are one of our Qualitative research tools