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The automotive industry is changing faster than ever, with increasing competition, complexity from media fragmentation and growing pressure to develop greener vehicles and new mobility solutions. Traditional research is now too slow and often fails to capture the voice of the consumer fully.

At TNS, we constantly develop innovative services to help our clients unlock growth in this complex, ever-changing environment.

With over 50 years’ experience, TNS is the world's leading provider of automotive marketing information and insights. Our 400 dedicated consultants around the world are uniquely placed to provide precise strategic direction: deepening customer relationships, developing new products, targeting new markets and illuminating the road to growth through the entire customer-brand relationship journey.

Explore our Automotive growth tools below

  • TAPPS - Unravelling today’s complex route to market

    The route to market in the automotive industry is no longer simple: competition amongst car manufacturers has intensified whilst the rise of digital and social media has dramatically transformed the car-buying process.

    In order to succeed and grow your business in this highly competitive environment, you need a fine-grained understanding of the multitude of factors that influence the consumer’s choice.

    TAPPS from TNS is a powerful new approach designed to help you successfully navigate today’s complex route to market. Unlike traditional studies, which collect consumer information retrospectively, TAPPS is the first interactive, online study to track the same consumers in real time across all touchpoints, both online and offline.

    By measuring the actual sequence of events taking place in the car-buying process over a period of four months, TAPPS provides you with precise recommendations on when and how to reach potential customers throughout their journey to purchase.


  • BAIT - Accelerating away from the competition with effective advertising

    Advertising is one of the most important ways to build and grow a brand. This is especially true in the automotive industry, one of the largest advertising categories, where billions are invested worldwide annually in media spend.

    In this increasingly crowded and complex landscape, you need a precise understanding of the critical success factors to ensure that your campaigns cut through the clutter and provide maximum return on investment.

    BAIT is the only brand & advertising tracking programme dedicated to the car industry in Europe. It measures the true impact of your advertising on your brand / model health indicators (purchase funnel and image), analysing your results in relation to your objectives, investment, competition and market trends.

    Drawing on our long-established expertise in automotive advertising, BAIT helps you develop and implement brand & communication strategies that really drive engagement with your target audience.

  • CAP - Illuminating the aftersales market

    Despite their potential as a high-margin revenue stream, automotive aftermarket sales typically lack reliable metrics through which to manage growth. The need for accurate metrics is underscored by the key role that after-sales performance plays in building long-term brand loyalty and driving future vehicle sales.

    CAP is a monitoring tool designed to deliver clear and actionable recommendations for optimising your brand performance in after-sales services. It provides the most up-to-date overview of the vehicle park and after-sales market available in Europe, consistently evaluating KPIs such as brand network retention rates, servicing market share and satisfaction with vehicle services centres.

    Based on an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour in the area of vehicle use and maintenance, CAP helps you identify the factors driving vehicle servicing choices and consumer loyalty, and pinpoint areas in which growth could be achieved.

  • PromoCAR – Powering your pricing & incentive strategies

    With incentive packages often playing a decisive role in the deal-making process, it is crucial for all brands to manage their promotional offers effectively; too often though, obtaining an accurate picture of the actual transaction price offered across the dealer network can be a challenge for car manufacturers.

    To keep their finger on the pulse and react appropriately to market changes and competitive pressures, brands must monitor promotional activity on a continuous basis.

    PromoCAR is a comprehensive and structured intelligence service capturing car manufacturers’ promotional campaigns and actual transaction prices across Europe.

    Combining detailed information on all incentive types applied by car brands and dealers with mystery shopping visits, PromoCAR provides you with an in-depth analysis of the customer benefit per unit sold.

    It assesses your campaign effectiveness at a model, brand, car segment and market level, delivering on a monthly basis valuable insights that inform your short-term marketing activities.

  • Car Clinics – Fuelling your innovation and development engine

    At TNS, we understand that innovation is vital to car manufacturers’ future growth and success: consumers increasingly focus on design to differentiate between brands while vehicle choices are shaped by a growing need for technological innovation.

    Our 40 years’ experience in conducting Car Clinics enables us to offer specific guidance throughout the vehicle development process, from design choices, prototype refinement and package optimisation, to target audience definition and launch price positioning.

    Providing you with an in-depth understanding of consumer needs and behaviours worldwide, we help you maximise the reach and revenue of your new vehicle launches.

    We also recognise the importance for you to test more design ideas, earlier in the process, and at a lower cost. Our revolutionary Virtual Car Clinic approach will deliver consumer feedback faster and more securely than ever before, enabling you to adapt designs “on the fly” in response to early insights.