Get fast consumer feedback on creative executions to make smart investment decisions and improve ROI


Pre-LinkNow is an agile qualitative solution that helps optimize advertising creative by helping marketers understand the why behind ad performance. We partner with GutCheck, a global leader in agile market research solutions, to offer this fast, cost-efficient ad testing solution that’s based on Kantar’s validated Link™ copy-testing framework.

Pre-LinkNow gives you fast consumer feedback on your creative and is available in 26 countries and 16 languages. Turn-around time is between 5 to 10 days, depending on the number of ads you test and the number of markets covered. You can now pre-test ads that previously went untested due to time or budget constraints. Quickly check creative in any format – animatic, videomatic, storyboard, print, OOH, radio or digital concept.

Quickly check creative from storyboard or sketch to final cut. Pre-LinkNow also provides a common language and framework across both quantitative and qualitative research.