Tackling inconsistent brand experiences

As people increasingly become connected, brands have a greater opportunity to reach them, but marketers are facing a greater risk of delivering an inconsistent brand experience Read the full article

January 2017

Winning the second wave: the key to online video success

It's not just top-tier influencers marketers need to target. Second wave influencers hold the key to sustained engagement Read More

July 2016 | Digital

How FMCG brands will win in grocery’s eCommerce boom

Grocery shopping is the next big eCommerce growth story – but do brands have the right strategy to compete online? Read more

June 2016

Why going viral is not enough: the shape of effective social media campaigns

What do effective social media campaigns look like? Marketers have become accustomed to measuring impressions, likes, retweets, shares as a measure of success. But what impact does this generate for brands in the long-term? Read more

May 2016

How to fill Big Data’s black holes

The touchpoints revolution has created a big bang of rapidly emerging new data sources – but between these points of light, it’s also created black holes in our understanding that only a re-engineered approach to research can fill. Read more

May 2016

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Published: 04/12/2017 We invite brands into our lives to provide the products and services we need. And in this connected, switched-on world, we expect them to be available to us whenever and wherever we want. Yet this creates tension:...

December 2017

While ‘post-truth’ has become a popular catch phrase thanks to the political turbulence of the last couple of years, the crisis of trust in the connected world extends much beyond recent history. In fact, people have been grappling with...

November 2017 | Connected Life

Print and broadcast media have held up to attacks from politicians. Populist politicians around the world have attempted to label mainstream news outlets as purveyors of “fake news”. The results of Kantar’s global 'Trust in News' study has...

November 2017 | Connected Life

Connected Life examined trust and connectivity across 56 countries and the results were polarised. Whilst European and US consumers’ trust in brands is being undermined by the poor deployment of advertising and content, countries across...

October 2017 | Connected Life

What are the five vital areas where brands need to be strong to survive or thrive in the decade ahead? It’s a historic tipping point for the automotive industry. A time of innovative revolution and mobility enlightenment. Experts reckon...

October 2017 | Automotive

The world of banking is evolving at a blistering pace. Digitisation and challenges from FinTechs require even the most traditional banks to move with the times . It’s no wonder banks are feeling nervous: the rise of FinTechs and challenger...

August 2017

Few sectors have experienced as much disruption as banking over the last decade or so. The trusted partner personified by a high street presence and friendly bank manager has given way to an uneasy hybrid of digital and telephone services...

July 2017

Beauty brands occupy a very special and intimate place in our hearts. The products we use on our bodies need to look, smell and feel just right. In the days before online shopping, experimentation happened in store or at specially curated...

July 2017

Modern life is fast, furious and unpredictable. The internet facilitates the travel of trends from one side of the globe to the other, inspiring experimentation leaving brands with a traditionally loyal fan base face in stiff competition....

July 2017

Once upon a time baby boomers were teenagers, the American dream was gold and owning a car was the ultimate status symbol. The automotive industry enjoyed limitless enthusiasm from its customers since so many important moments in their...

June 2017
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