When it comes to customer experience, the time for talk has passed

There’s a lot of talk about the importance and value of customer experience. A LOT of talk. But there is still not as much meaningful action going on as there really should be. Read more

October 2018

Authentically disruptive: staying true, thinking differently

While not every brand can push the boundaries as far as Alibaba or Airbnb, opportunities exist for established brands to challenge norms and perceived wisdoms about their own brand or category. Full article

August 2018

Leaps of faith: inspiring trust in disruptive times

The concept of trust has usually been associated with stasis more than change. It brings up images of age-old, time-tested, large, solid brands and organisations with large and loyal user bases. Full article

January 2017 | Intelligence Applied

Why brands must think ‘women-first’ when developing voice applications

As women around the world are less digitally connected than men, could voice technology help bridge this gender digital divide and help women leapfrog to equality? Full article

July 2016 | Intelligence Applied