The moment that…there was a beverage for every occasion

Modern life is fast, furious and unpredictable. The internet facilitates the travel of trends from one side of the globe to the other, inspiring experimentation leaving brands with a traditionally loyal fan base face in stiff competition. Read more

July 2017

The moment that… millennials rewrote the rules on car usage

How can automotive and mobility brands meet the needs of tech-savvy youngsters ‘in the moment’? Read the full article

June 2017

The moment that... technology and snacking collided

As people’s snacking behavior changes, new opportunities arise for snack food brands to update and innovate around key moments. Read more

June 2017

The moment that… travelling got personal

In this article we look at what brands need to do to thrive in this new customer-centric world of travel. Read more

May 2017

The moment that… insurance started working for people

In a world that’s truly on-demand, where people live in the moment, insurance brands must adapt to stay relevant Read more

May 2017

The moment…you can have your beer and drink it too

How are beer brands finding moments of growth and relevance when people are increasingly conscious about their alcohol intake? Read more

April 2017

Gender intelligent design

Recent studies suggest women influence anywhere between 64-85% of buying decisions, despite this women feel products, advertising and brand experiences are not designed to speak to them Read more

March 2017

Ad enhancement, not interruption: capturing the moment

Bold content, targeted with razor sharp precision that elicits the right emotional reaction in the moment is the key to creating the results your brand wants Read more

February 2017

How to win the right friends – and influence the right people

Younger audiences are choosing very different sources of inspiration and influence – and marketing strategies need to respond Read more

November 2016

To win in eCommerce, brands need to learn local accents

In order for brands to grow their share of eCommerce in any given region or country, marketers must understand the nuances of the particular part of the local market they are dealing with Read the full article

December 2016


Insights2020 is the largest global marketing and Insights leadership initiative focused on aligning Insights and Analytics strategy, structure and capability to drive business growth. Read more

December 2016

Brand opportunities aren’t what they used to be

In this article we explore the changing art of building brand memories and how it requires marketers to update both their creative approaches – and their own organisations. Read more

October 2016

Emotional intelligence through data

How brands can apply emotional intelligence to enable sophisticated understanding of the unique relationships and experiences people have with brands Read more

September 2016

Marketing in the Social-Mobile world

In many mobile-first markets, the web experience built around desktop PCs, browsers and search engines is not the norm. In parts of Asia and Africa, social platforms are how people access, experience and purchase through the web Read more

September 2016 | Digital

Winning the second wave: the key to online video success

It's not just top-tier influencers marketers need to target. Second wave influencers hold the key to sustained engagement Read more

July 2016 | Digital

How FMCG brands will win in grocery’s eCommerce boom

Grocery shopping is the next big eCommerce growth story – but do brands have the right strategy to compete online? Read more

June 2016 | FMCG

Why going viral is not enough: the shape of effective social media campaigns

What do effective social media campaigns look like? Marketers have become accustomed to measuring impressions, likes, retweets, shares as a measure of success. But what impact does this generate for brands in the long-term? Read more

May 2016 | Digital

How to fill Big Data’s black holes

The touchpoints revolution has created a big bang of rapidly emerging new data sources – but between these points of light, it’s also created black holes in our understanding that only a re-engineered approach to research can fill. Read more

May 2016 | Brand & Communication

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Modern life is fast, furious and unpredictable. The internet facilitates the travel of trends from one side of the globe to the other, inspiring experimentation leaving brands with a traditionally loyal fan base face in stiff competition...

July 2017

Once upon a time baby boomers were teenagers, the American dream was gold and owning a car was the ultimate status symbol. The automotive industry enjoyed limitless enthusiasm from its customers since so many important moments in their...

June 2017

The snack food industry is well-versed in psychology. To be successful, a brand must know that we nibble not just to satisfy our basic hunger, but also our emotional needs. Snack food brands have historically positioned their products...

June 2017

Sipping sun-glistening cocktails between lazy palms in Mallorca. Barging slowly past picturesque villages on a spring day in Holland. Holiday moments are timeless. And the travel sector has always sold them neatly bundled, capturing...

May 2017

We live in an ‘on-demand’ economy, with goods and services designed to arrive at lightning speed for virtually all of life’s moments. That moment you need a taxi? An Uber is 2 minutes away. Hungry right now? Deliveroo will bring your...

May 2017