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Connected World

Examining the impact of consumer connectivity

In Focus

Technology and the Internet in Latin America

Key insight report

The response of CMOs worldwide to the challenges and opportunities

The Brain Game

We look at the real drivers of human behaviour and how brands can learn from this work to develop strategies

Opinion Leader

The secret life of the brain - A guide to heuristics and the system 1 and 2 brain

In Focus

Why consumers don’t act on their desires, what it means for brands

Finding Faster Growth

Identifying the opportunities for growth in our complex world

Opinion Leader

As Chinese people grow wealthier, they are more likely to eat out

In Focus

Navigating growth in Africa: looks at the trends and opportunities

Research Excellence

Pioneering the methodologies that lead to precise insights

Opinion Leader

A manifesto for qualitative research

Opinion Leader

Mind and the machine: making sense of the big data explosion