Do you know how to optimise your advertising to drive ROI and impact?

Link evaluates how well your ad performs in areas relating to sales before it goes live; how engaging it is, how well it builds brand associations and predisposition. It shows exactly how to optimise your creative to stand out, create meaningful impressions and maximise success.

Supported by an unrivalled database of 200,000 ads, our world-leading creative testing approach, is validated to predict sales and build your brand. Results are easily accessible via an interactive dashboard to help you learn what works well for each channel or format to drive success for your future campaigns.

From the early stages of your creative development or with fully executed ads, we help you understand how your ads will perform in-market and how to improve them.

Use Link to

  • Optimise your creative to maximise return on investment
  • Predict the impact of advertising on your brand and sales
  • Learn how to develop better advertising
  • Understand how your ads can achieve short and long-term objectives

Why Link?

  • Extensively validated with proven links to sales and longer-term brand building
  • Combines instinctive responses (facial coding) and speed of response with survey and behavioural measures for the most comprehensive understanding of ad success
  • Advice and learnings from our experts with relevant benchmarks from our unrivalled global database
  • Recognises the power of creativity and nurtures powerful creative to drive long-term success